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Instruction Manual for VTG 

Vestigium Tectona Grandis is extremely physical and emotional. Through the years that I´ve been working with VTG, I´ve understood that she requires that you're in a meditative state of mind in order to work together. She's strong and can be heavy or the complete opposite. If there´s wind she can torture you or she can turn into a precious kite, she´ll let you fly her, but she´s strong, be aware and listen. I insist that in order to get the best out of her you must listen to the wind.

VTG is my umbilical cord to my mother, my connection with the Universe, my relationship with Earth and life, my guts, my glories.  V, represents the vestige, the imprint of the plant, vagina, veins, vientre, venus. T stands for Tectona Grandis, the scientific name of the Teak Tree. T is transformation, time, transfer. G of Grandis, Tectona Grandis, Gratitude, Gracias, García (my maternal surname).

VTG is my actual and most important project so far, I made her in 2016 in Damasco, Antioquia, Colombia, my native country. In 2014, I participated in an Art Residency in India where I learned a technique that impacted me. At the time I was living in Colombia and when I got back, I tested a large number of plants and discovered that the Teak leaf would give me the tone that I was searching for. I travelled to La Pintada, Antioquia, Colombia in 2016 to a Teak crop to create my project. On a fabric (Dacron) 60 meters long x 150 cm I made my work.

I take pictures of VTG in different locations, depending on what I need to say. I paint VTG on canvas, draw it on paper, it’s my main focus, my obsession. VTG is the cord that is many times present in my work.  It's been a challenge to work this project because I usually work by myself, it's a big piece and sometimes depending on the weather it can get heavy and hard to handle. That´s when you have to breathe and be patient, take your time, give it time. Let it rest. Rest.


When you are finished working with her, please make sure you fold her correctly and put her back in her case. 

VTG, the path to follow,

The path I follow

Follow the path

The path follow I

I follow the path,

I create the path

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