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My artwork is a reflection of myself, my adventures and my lifestyle. I´m always searching of new ways of expressing. That´s why its hard for me to define my work in one technique. I paint, I draw, I do photography, a little of ceramics, macrame, all within the same theme, VTG. Vestigium Tectonca Grandis, my actual and most important project so far. Vestigium Tectona Grandis is the project that I have been working on for the past 6 1/2 years. VTG was made with the natural pigment of the Tectona Grandis Tree. V, represents the vestige, the imprint of the plant, vagina, veins, vientre, venus. T is Tectona Grandis, the scientific name of the Teak Tree, transformation, time, transfer. G of Grandis, Tectona Grandis, Gratitude, Gracias, García (my maternal surname). In 2014, I participated in an Art Residency in India where I learned a technique that impacted me. At the time I was living in Colombia my native country and when I got back, I tested a large number of plants and discovered that the Teak leaf would give me the tone that I was searching for. I travelled to La Pintada, Antioquia, Colombia in 2016 to a Teak crop to create my project. On a fabric (Dacron) 60 meters long x 150 cm I made my work. VTG is my umbilical cord with my mother, my connection with the Universe, my relationship with Earth and life, my guts, my glories.

I take pictures of VTG in different locations, I paint it on canvas, draw it on paper, it’s my path to follow. VTG is the cord that is many times present in my work.

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